Math Resources for Online Teaching and Learning

Updated 3/15/2020

Math Content: My publisher,, is currently offering access to all their ebooks in math for free  So check it out for electronic content that you can screen share, if you are an instructor  or tutor, or if you are a parent looking for additional resources that are structured and professionally developed. The ebooks  also have accompanying videos for all examples.

Here are some direct links. You can click on Contents and view all chapters for free.

Wiley Plus and Cengage Unlimited are also offering free access for college students for the rest of Spring 2020.

Online meetings and learning management systems: 

if your institution's LMS is not robust. It's a free Blackboard platform and features Bbd Collaborate, also an online meeting software. But it also has many more features for teaching. You have to register and it offers templates for a few courses. You can choose either "original course" or "ultra  course" . Click into them and see which you like.  

Online whiteboard : - seems very useful for math

Digital stylus: If you do not have a tablet pen , highly recommend Xp-Pen from amazon. About 30 dollars. Trying to write math on the computer whiteboard with a regular mouse is not easy!

Tips from Connections Academy for new instructors transitioning to online instruction (primarily geared for K-12, but some of it may be useful for college instructors as well).

Internet Access: If you or your students are concerned about internet access as we  move courses online, please note the following free services: