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Algebraic thinking from Reva Narasimhan

Algebraic Thinking is an editable Word 2007 document

Fun with Functions and Technology - Powerpoint file

Fun with Functions is an editable Word 2007 document with teaching guide

View presentation on using Excel in math classes

Using Excel in Mathematics from Reva Narasimhan

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Common Core Materials

Books and Projects

Mathematics Vision Project - free secondary math curriculum and online textbook aligned to Common Core State Standards. Provides many problem types of the sort that will appear in the PARCC assessments.

Algebra: Form and Function , published by Wiley. This textbook intended primarily for college algebra, but can be used as a reference for teachers wanting to know more about the ideas behind the math in the CCSS. Maybe suitable for an honors Algebra 2 course as a student textbook. Dr. William McCallum, the lead of author of this text, is also the lead author of the CCSS math standards.

Math Assessment Project Integrated math aligned to Common Core State Standards.

Algebra 1 Common Core - this interactive, computer based course is from SAS Curriculum Pathways and is written to correspond with the Common Core standards. Teachers can use as as stand-alone course or as a supplement.

Documents and Other Resources

Sample curriculum documents - These documents represent how the concepts and skills described in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics might be developed across the course of a school year.

Functions and the common core - Various animations show the increasing complexity of the functions strand.

Sample assessment - Algebra assessments through the Common Core, Grades 6-12. Note the level of scaffodling present in the given examples.

Illustrative Mathematics - various interactive tools  to help implement the Common Core Standards

Blog on Common Core Math standards - the blog author, Dr. William McCallum, a mathematician at the University of Arizona, is  the lead writer of the Common Core Standards for mathematics.